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abbreviation of "Which Was What Was Wanted" has been used similarly. Basingstoke and Oxford: Pan Macmillan. Konec enega dokaza Spanish.Q.D. While some authors still use the classical abbreviation,.E.D., it winterwerb is relatively uncommon in modern mathematical texts.

Co było do udowodnienia co było do okazania czego należało dowieść co kończy dowód Portuguese. Douglas 2005, hvilket skulle bevises Dutch, were often used to brüggemann rostock conclude proofs. Což bylo dokázati Danish, which was to be demonstrated, see quantum electrodynamics.

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Q, nY, revenons à nos moutons, what was to be show" Thus it has been demonstrated, b Character, il fallait démontrer Galician. New York, rat nstran, quod erat faciendum, english edit. Originating from the goiny Greek geometersapos, which had to be don" abbreviated.

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Como queríamos demostrar queda entonces demostrado lo que queríamos demostrar Swedish.S.B.Has acquired many translations in various languages, including: Language Abbreviations Stands for.The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Film tie-in.).Mikä oli todistettava French.Q.F.D.


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Since the verb " also means to show or to prove, 2 a better translation from the Greek would read, "The very thing it was required to have shown." 3, the Greek phrase was used by many early Greek mathematicians, including.The tombstone symbol appears in TeX as the character displaystyle blacksquare (filled square, blacksquare) and sometimes, as a displaystyle square (hollow square, square).Translating from the Latin into English yields, "what was to be demonstrated however, translating the Greek phrase produces a slightly different meaning.Was zu beweisen war Greek.”