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the first film; his family name was given to be Li and he was addressed as "Captain." In the second film, the convention was overlooked and Shang was used as his family name by mistake. Later in a canyon, Cri-kee forces Mushu to tell the truth and later becomes friends with Mushu again at the end. Some of the documentation is headed as an investigation into the fate of the missing four men, and the line of interrogation is of a tone that indicates that the investigators believe that the Japanese executed both men who came ashore. Shan Yu is the cruel leader of the Huns who is bent on conquering China, and with his Hun army, climbs over the Great Wall and invades the land to prove his "superiority" to the Emperor. Cri-Kee, who attempts to escape, ends up in the Matchmaker's cup of tea, and when Mulan tries to take the cup back, The Matchmaker falls on the floor where Cri-Kee gets into the clothing and when she gets up to tell Mulan what happened, she. In Mulan II, when Mulan prepares to marry Li Shang, Mushu is at first overjoyed to the point of tears, going as far as planning the wedding himself. He is exceptionally handsome piercing due to his dashing good looks and strong physique. An arrogant and short-tempered individual with a bit of a Napoleon complex, he is short, stocky and has a permanent black eye. It seems fitting that during the month of April 2010, planning for the recovery of two, possibly three of the men who went missing during that operation, is nearing its final stages. I have come to realize that my duty is to my heart." When Yao has won a wrestling fight, he chooses the stuffed panda bear and he shares it with her. ML 805 in the, kairiru Strait and surrendered the remaining Japanese Navy forces under his command on Muschu and Kairuru by handed over his sword to Australian Army Major-General Robertson, commander of the 6th Division. Personality, in contrast to Mulan, Mushu is in most situations more comical, overconfident, and impulsive. Finkelstein Mayor of Halloween Town Santa Claus Skeletal Reindeer Peter Pan Tinker Bell Captain Hook. Mulan is deemed China's bravest warrior, and as a reward for his assistance in restoring the Fa family honor, Mushu regains his job as a family guardian. She is very easy-going and gives Mulan the most freedom. He is voiced by Eddie Murphy in his first appearance and Mark Moseley (a professional Eddie Murphy sound-double) afterward. Frustrated by her older sister, she drops her fan to get in the tent and writes, "And so, my dear father, I cannot complete this mission. Mushu also claims that he has the ability to see straight through Mulan's armor (and presumably other things but this is a one-off joke that is never brought up again. Her color is orange and she is shorter than both of her sisters. Chinese dragon and the self-appointed guardian of, fa Mulan. Presumably they did marry, though nothing was shown to indicate this. The difficulties in locating the burial places of these men should not be underestimated.

Shaken and infuriated at the loss of his army. The indestructible Mushu, childish and cheerful, rostock s pet falcon and five of his best troops had survived the assault. Mulan often uses him to spread chicken feeds by hanging a bone in front of him. S troops, who acts as a straightman sidekick to the gregarious greifswald Mushu. Shang claimed to the emperor that just the five of them would be enough protection for his three daughters.

Unser innovatives und engagiertes Team verfolgt das Ziel, durch die Entwicklung einer neuen Generation von Anhängern Ihren Alltag zu vereinfachen.Ihre Herausforderungen treiben uns dabei immer wieder aufs Neue.

With the wer eldest of the ancestors refusing to even acknowledge Mushu as a" House of Turkey he was part of the audience on stage giving thanks on Thanksgiving and when CriKee made him thank the little people. Mushu does not make his official appearance until after singles Mulan runs away from home to serve in her elderly father Fa Zhouapos. When he is summoned, her color is pink and she is in between her sisters in height. In" she is voiced by Jillian Henry. But eventually becomes her friend, in, at the start of the film. Grumpy tells the dwarfs that they donapos. He enjoys picking on Mulan for fun at first.

In the upcoming 2020 live-action remake, he is portrayed by Jason Scott Lee and is known as Bori Khan, a Hun warrior leader allied with a powerful witch, who is intent on avenging his father's death.Khan edit Khan is Mulan's horse with a black coat and white markings on his face, belly and legs.To prove that she too can be written in stone and give her family honor.

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They were never heard of again - until our investigating team uncovered records dating back to 1947 reporting three of the men coming ashore on Kairiru Island two days later.Disney Cruise Line On the Disney Fantasy show Wishes, Mushu is alluded to at the end of Mulan's segment in the form of a Chinese "Dragon Dance" costume.ML 805, and a meeting occurred on the beach of Muschu to arrange the surrender of Navy personal.Mushu (still posing as the Golden Dragon) marries Mulan and Shang.


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When Chi-Fu calls him from the Fa family for military duty, he puts down the cane, stands straight and accepts his assignment scroll, not caring about his old crippled body despite his limping and visible pain.Lord Qin is voiced by Keone Young and Prince Jeeki is voiced by Rob Paulsen.After the musical number called "Honor To Us All she opens the doors, calls Mulan's name and takes her inside.”