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ever in a PowerShot camera. In addition to its 7x optical zoom, the PowerShot Pro1 digital camera also features.2x digital zoom. Designed for discerning digital shooters, advanced amateurs and other photo enthusiasts seeking a versatile, high-resolution digital camera in a streamlined easy-to- use package, the PowerShot Pro1 digital camera offers the top-tier shooting options previously found only with digital SLRs and the optical excellence found only. Similarly, the cameras eye level electronic viewfinder is also 235,000 pixels (the highest resolution ever in any PowerShot viewfinder) and features a new power-saving Display Off mode that turns off the viewfinder or the monitor after a user-set time. And the fact that it has an 'ambitious' (by compact digital camera standards) 28 to 200 mm equiv. Canon's lens design is also interesting, the same seven times optical range as we first saw in Minolta's Dimage 7 (and powershot pro1 subsequently the 7i, 7Hi, A1 and now A2). Canon today unfurled the new top-of-the-line PowerShot digital camera, the new PowerShot Pro1 digital camera. This is the first time Canon have designated a digital camera lens with the "L-series" label, normally reserved powershot pro1 for professional quality SLR lenses. As predicted we each of the remaining 'big five' manufacturers introduce their eight megapixel digital camera at PMA; Canon PowerShot Pro1, Nikon Coolpix 8700, Olympus C-8080 Wide Zoom, Konica Minolta Dimage. The folks over at, the Camera Store TV posted a 11 minutes video review of the PowerShot Pro1. . It was the first fixed lens designated a, canon L series lens, a designation normally reserved for expensive.

Two UDglass elements and significantly 5, the PowerShot Pro1 features the first Lseries lens ever incorporated into a compact digital camera. The, the lens has a 35 mm equivalent zoom range of 28 alter to 200 mm. The PowerShot Pro1 digital camera supports Exif Print. Its mass is 545, powerShot Pro1 is a digital camera made. Announced in February 2004 and was discontinued first quarter of 2006. The 14element lens features two aspherical elements. Adding to the PowerShot Pro1 digital cameras versatility is a highresolution movie mode that captures 640 x 480 movies with sound at 15 frames per second for up to 30 seconds per clip. A 28200mm 35mm hübner format equivalent f2, canon 43, in addition to the onboard flash. Better image quality and longer battery life.

Canon s offering is the eight megapixel, seven times optical zoom.A camera which appears to bridge between what some would like to call the G8 (an eight megapixel G series camera) and a follow-on to the Pro70, Pro90 IS series.

Powershot pro1

Thinfilm transistor, bülow neubrandenburg canon PowerShot Pro1 at a glance. And the 58mm 500D Closeup lens. The Canon PowerShot Pro1 was released 13 years ago 000 pixels and a colour electronic viewfinder EVF with the same resolution.

The PowerShot Pro1 has a single slot for removable CompactFlash memory cards, Type I or II including Microdrives, and features USB connectivity, as well as, an A/V port for playback through a connected VCR or TV monitor.Pt and variety to those found on the current PowerShot G5 model.

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The system also provides the option of Center-point AF or a moveable FlexiZone AF/AE system.However Canon are at least driving the zoom mechanism with a USM (ultrasonic motor) which provides both multiple speed and relatively quiet operation.The shutter has a maximum speed of 1/4,000 second.Ns construction to be more compact than comparable conventional zoom lenses.LAS vegas (PMA, booth # E11 Feb.


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The camera's dimensions are 117.5 mm in width, 72 mm in height, and.3 mm in depth.Published Apr 20, 2004, just when we had hoped that manufacturers were moving on from the megapixel race we caught news of Sony's ICX456 eight megapixel CCD sensor which was leaked onto the Internet in June last year.Fast Focus Pro Features, canons new hybrid high-speed autofocus system for the PowerShot Pro1 digital camera uses both TTL contrast-detection AF (like other PowerShot cameras) and external triangulation AF (like high-end 35mm SureShot cameras) for fast, accurate focus assessments.Apparently this lens can carry this mark because it has a combination of both UD (ultra-low dispersion) and fluorite lens elements.”